May 2023 Ministerial Miscellany Rev. Annie Kopko

Ministerial Miscellany May 2023       Sometimes I Wonder

As the end of every month approaches and the deadline for Ministerial Miscellany, I am looking around and listening for ideas that I care about and ones that move me. I heard the word WONDER on NPR today. I love that word, and I love how I feel when I experience wonder: an unexpected thrill of the awareness of something new and different.

Should we worry that our life of habits and our work stiffles wonder? It can, but wonder, like many things, is a child of our thoughts; and part of that child that is still within every adult eagerly awaiting release and expression. The appearance of wonder in our experience is itself a habit that can be cultivated. I think it takes a conscious decision to see our world with eyes of wonder, because the world has decided that we must know about all the things that are going wrong. A life of wonder is outside that box.

I suggest: be aware of choosing to do something different, no matter how little, every day. Listen to and watch as Nature changes every day. Learn something new. Anything. It is so easy when we have inexpensive or free apps on our phones for identifying trees and weeds and flowers and birds. WOW. That is Wonder.

We can wonder what there is to do at Interfaith. Lots!  Check the website: Layla keeps us up to date on all the workshops, classes and special events. Every Sunday you will find an insert in the bulletin with all of this information as well.

Coming up for Cafe 704, Sat. May 13th at 7PM will be Spirit Singing Band, especially wonderful if you like to sing along to the simple songs they teach us.

On May 24th at 7PM Matt Watroba will lead a community sing. He brings songbooks with 1200 songs. Talk about wonder! I wonder if I can sing that one?  It’s worth a try, and it is worth the good mood we achieve together. The event is free but donations are encouraged and appreciated. 

On the 1st Saturday is our Drum and Dance Jam, May 6, June 3 and Aug 5 at  7:30 pm, in person, led by drummer Curtis Glatter. 

 I look forward with wonder to seeing you at Interfaith.  Blessings,   Annie

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