Interfaith Center Annual Meeting and Board Election

The Interfaith Center Board of Directors invites you
to share your thoughts and ideas, and elect new Board members, at our Annual Meeting!

Sunday, April 7, 2024, 1 – 3 pm

In person at the Center or on Zoom
(use the same Zoom link as the Sunday service)

All are welcome to attend in person at the Center or on Zoom
following the Sunday Celebration Service (same link)

The Center is here to support you on your spiritual journey; your interests and concerns will create the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. We hope you will attend, either in person or on Zoom, so your voice will be heard!

The QCC gatherings are dynamic and fun brainstorming sessions that offer collaborative and open community discussions. The participants get to generate creative ideas for the Center while also offering their ideas for solutions to specific situations. At these gatherings, all ideas are welcome without judgement. Our goal is to build up our community by encouraging ideas and exploring together a wide range of possibilities to find innovative solutions. These meetings serve as a crucial starting point in a creative process.

After each QCC meeting, the Board of Trustees meets to discuss and evaluate the topics raised by the community. Once ideas are evaluated and endorsed by the Board, it is necessary to have members or teams to take those ideas to completion. You are invited to be a part of that process!