guiding principles

Artistic image of profiles in prayer, surrounded by interfaith symbols of Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and other faith traditions and religions.We affirm the truth in all faith traditions and religious paths

The rainbow’s beauty consists of its many hues, and the grandeur of a symphony arises from many instrumental harmonies and colorations. Unity does not mean uniformity.

We affirm that seeking attunement to Spirit is the highest goal of conscious living

Cultivating our spiritual life unfolds inner human possibilities and helps the individual to grow toward realizing his or her highest self. We support and encourage whatever spiritual practices contribute positively to the unique growth of every person.

We affirm an inclusive vision of “We”

We experience ourselves as part of the global human family. Old dichotomies of “us” versus “them” do not serve the healing of the world.

We affirm the inseparable oneness of Spirit and humankind

Each of us is an expression of Divine Nature. As we move toward greater awareness and understanding of Spirit, we become deeper reflections of that Spirit within us and in the world around us.

We affirm that each person, indeed, all of life, is a part of the healing of the world

We have faith in the ultimate healing of the planet. Each of us, as we fulfill our own highest good, brings this healing vision to reality.

We affirm the freedom of each person in matters of belief

Universal Wisdom has given each of us complete freedom to think, to say and to do whatever we choose, in expressing the Truth of our being.

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