History and Philosophy

Interfaith sanctuary mosaic showing the four elements - flame, hills, waves, and sky, by Lucie Nisson
Sanctuary mosaic “Be a Light Unto the World,” created and graciously donated by Lucie Nisson.

In 1998, about 35 spiritual seekers  established the Center as a church alternative welcoming people from all religious backgrounds.  The founders came from the Unity movement, a form of Christian New Thought.  They created the Center because they wanted a more intentional exploration of diverse faith traditions.  The principles of New Thought are reflected in the world’s major spiritual traditions. For example:

The central theme in New Thought is that THOUGHT  is creative.  Thus, if we seek to change our lives, we must first change our minds.

Similarly, the Buddha taught:

Buddha image for the Interfaith Center in Ann Arbor.“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. WITH OUR THOUGHTS WE MAKE THE WORLD.”  

~the Dhammapada

And Jesus said:

“Those who BELIEVE as I do shall do the works that I do and even greater works than these shall YOU do.”  

~ The Bible, John 14:12

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