Delyth Balmer – Associate Minister & Administrator

Delyth Balmer (delyth.balmer@interfaithspirit.org)
is a founding member of the Center, a longtime student of Vipassana  Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry, and an ordained  Minister from Fellowship for Today School of Ministry.  Read more…

Annie Kopko – Associate Minister and Teacher


Annie Kopko (revanniekopko@gmail.com) is a founding member of the Interfaith Center.  She became an ordained Interfaith Minister in 2003 after graduating from One Spirit Seminary and has served in the role of Associate Minister since 2010.  Read more…

Service Leaders

We are also blessed to have Reverend David Bell (see below), Janet Somalinog, and Reverend Lyriel Claire as service leaders along with Reverends Delyth and Annie.



Marice Clark, Co-Chair

Claire Groshens, Co-Chair

Vicki Davinich, Secretary

John Lang

Laurie Knerr

Janet Somaliog

Paulette Stenzel

Board meetings are held on Zoom the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, unless otherwise announced.  The meetings are open for all to attend, and community input is greatly appreciated.

You may communicate with the board by email at board@interfaithspirit.org

Board members are elected for staggered two-year terms at the annual meeting in March of each year.

David T. Bell – Founding Minister (Emeritus)

A 1998 graduate of the New Seminary with an M.A. in Spiritual Counseling, Dave founded ICSG in 1998 and retired in June, 2017.

Dave is an ordained Interfaith Minister who took the long route to spiritual leadership as an avowed atheist for over 30 years. During this earlier period in his life, Dave found success in the business world as a lawyer and accountant.  He began to search for answers to bigger questions when a sudden mystical experience radically altered his worldview.

The path of spiritual discovery that ensued led Dave to a study of world religions and A Course in Miracles, a teaching about nonduality which he has studied for 30 years and teaches on Monday nights at the Center. One spiritual topic that fascinates him is near-death experiences. Dave remains a part of our beloved community and  continues to teach the Monday evening A Course in Miracles class and serve as a guest speaker.

You can reach Dave at dave@interfaithspirit.org.