May 2024 Ministerial Miscellany by Rev. Annie Kopko

By the time you read this, the eclipse of the sun will be over, but I want to talk about the sun, the moon, and the stars, and what an extraordinary gift to all of our lives on earth and what an extraordinary gift to our conscious imagination. When my sisters, my brother, and I were young, our Dad would take us out on moonless nights when we could see the whole Milky Way stretched across the sky and look at the stars. I remember feeling so tiny and insignificant, yet I wondered how I could be so large to be conscious of the vastness of the whole sky, seeing millions of stars all at once. In those days, we did not pay much attention to the constellations, but the planets were clearly visible. It was good practice for the expansion of consciousness, and awareness of a loving Universe full of ancient and eternal beings.

I have always talked a lot about the importance of Nature, getting out in Nature just to experience whatever thoughts and feelings come up. Often,  I overlook the night sky because it is so light around here in Southeast Michigan that you cannot see the Milky way or many constellations. So….. when you can get off to a place with a truly dark sky it will blow your mind.

Please join us at Interfaith for our many groups and classes. I will mention a few special ones. See much more information on our website:

Sat. May 4th, Drum and Dance Jam with Curtis Glatter. 7:30-9pm Suggested donation $5.

Wed. May 8th, Community Sing with Matt Watroba. 7-8:30pm, Donations encouraged to offset costs.

Sat. May 11th, Café 704 with Spirit Singing Band-Kath Weider, Sam Clark, Dan Bilich, Lori Fithian & Friends. We will all be invited to sing! Doors open at 6:30, concert 7-9pm. In person or on Zoom tickets $10.

Sat. May 18th, Drummunity-Drum Circle with Lori Fithian. 7-9pm.

Sat. May 25th, Sound Journey Gong Meditation with Dana Piper and Sharon Harris. 7-8:30pm (No admittance after the event begins). $20.Blessings and Love,  Annie

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