Grocery Card Fundraiser

interfaith-fundraiser-groceries-veggiesWe all have to eat, right?  Did you know that many grocery stores will contribute to the Center general fund when you shop there?

How does it work?Three to five percent of your regular grocery shopping purchases will be donated to the Center when you shop at participating stores. It’s free money for the Center that costs you absolutely nothing. Just tell Craig Harvey, longtime ICSG member and Grocery Card guru, that you would like to purchase grocery cards to use as cash at your favorite stores. A $20 cash card costs you exactly $20.

Participating stores:

  • Kroger
  • Busch’s
  • People’s Food Coop
  • Arbor Farms (no card necessary! just mention at checkout that you want the Interfaith Center to receive credit for your purchase!)
  • Hiller’s Market

If we all participate, we can make a big difference!  Email us here to get grocery cards and  put your food dollars to work for our spiritual community.