Music Director Alaura Massaro

Alaura Massaro brings a plethora of diverse and talented local guest artists to perform each week during our Sunday Celebration Service. As a musician herself, Alaura masterfully improvises musical accompaniment throughout services. Guest musicians play and sing about matters of the heart that honor universal spiritual principles.

The Interfaith Choir

At specific intervals in the course of the year, the choir, known as the Interfaith Choir is active. Members practice on Sunday mornings and perform music that is most often “spiritual but not religious.” When appropriate, the group performs music from specific religious genres such as traditional Christmas music in December.

If you have an interest in singing, please contact Dawn Swartz, choir director, at Tryouts are informal and focus carrying a tune and blending with others. Experience is helpful, but some of us have never sung in choirs before. Dawn is happy to arrange an individual tryout after service.

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