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Posts to our Yahoo group include local events , requests for prayers or assistance, and other topics of interest to Interfaith Center members.  You do not have to be a member of the Center to join, or to send or receive messages.

Note: As of October 28, 2019, you can no longer read messages on the Yahoo website.  You must have them sent to your email.  

How to Join the Interfaith Yahoo Group

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Note that there is a HIGH likelihood that it will arrive into your SPAM folder, so you need to look there.
Also, this invitation/confirmation expires in 7 days, so don’t forget to take care of it.

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Either way, you will start receiving any messages that anyone else posts to the group.
You will also get an automatic Welcome message from Interfaith explaining how it all works, including the IMPORTANT fact that the first time you try SENDING a message to the group it will be delayed until a moderator approves you as someone allowed to post messages (this keeps the list free of spam).

To send messages to members of this mailing list, either hit reply to a message or send an email to:  Once you have sent your first email there will be no delays in subsequent messages.

Note: As of October 28, 2019, you can no longer read messages on the Yahoo website.  You must have them sent to your email.  

Members have the option of receiving individual messages or “digest” versions of the messages. The “digest” version collects all the messages from the entire day and then sends them as one email. For time critical messages, such as for events, please post your messages two days in advance so digest messages will receive them in time.

General guidelines are that you should refrain from forwarding chain letters or virus warnings. Messages that are hateful, illegal or not appropriate for a PG audience are prohibited. It is okay to advertise your services or products. Please respect others.

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The Inspirer is created by volunteers with contributions from the ministers, board, and community members.  Longtime ICSG member Heide Kaminski is the editor and Esther Reilly is the proofreader.  Click here to go to the newsletter page, read the latest issue, and learn about submissions.


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You can see meditations, inspirational talks, music and more from our Sunday services on the Interfaith YouTube Channel.  It’s a great way to share in beauty of our services if you can’t be there in person on a Sunday morning, or if distance is a factor.