March 2022 Ministerial Miscellany – Rev. Annie Kopko

Ministerial Miscellany March 2022

Now is a good time to think about how we pray. We do not need to pray for an early Spring, that is a given. Early or late, it will always come. I heard the beautiful sounds of the red-winged blackbirds for the first time today. Peace is quite different, we are in charge of our own peace, and we also influence the Peace of others. What if we practice Peace and prayer as if it can influence the whole world. I believe it can. Right now, the world needs our help. I have a hard time accepting that it seems that world leaders (including our own) need to fight and even kill to get what they want and need for their people and their own self interest. The language we hear is one of competition and conflict. Words matter. Albert Einstein said that you do not solve a problem at the level of the problem. War will not bring Peace.

Unfortunately I am not even a good example. Today I was driving my neighbor’s son home. He had been at my house to do some cleanup work. We met his Mother on the dirt road near their house. She was picking up bags of garbage careless people intentionally drop off in the woods. She was angry about the garbage, but she was even more angry about Joe Biden’s decisions as president. I found myself disagreeing, but with nothing to say, as often happens, except to myself. (“Please get me out of here!”) I sometimes find that angry people do not want to hear from anyone, they just need room to express themselves. And it is hard not to react when we feel attacked. When we choose not to react, it is a powerful message of trust in God, in love, and in peace.

Check our website for our peaceful, loving activities, both in person and on Zoom. Especially, join us for our music at Cafe 704, on Saturday, March 12th with Paul Vornhagen and Aron Kaufman. Sign up on pay at the door if you will be coming in person or go to to purchase a ticket for the Livestream on Zoom.
Sending Love and Blessings! Annie

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