Whatever Happens Can Be Interpreted for Your Own Good

Image showing how perception is malleable - a key metaphysical principle in A Course in MiraclesHave you ever wondered about the name, “A Course in Miracles,” which is often quoted at Interfaith? The “miracles” refer to tiny shifts in perception which give us the power to transform suffering into blessings. Here is a reading about Perception shared by member Jan Peacock at a recent Sunday service.

Whatever happens can be

interpreted for our good.

“When disaster seems to strike, it’s hard to understand that whatever happens is for our good. It helps to understand that our perception judged the situation a disaster.  By changing one’s perception, we can change the effects of an experience. What looked bad one minute may be seen as quite fortuitous the next. Asking the Holy Spirit for a better or different understanding of a circumstance can offer us a dramatically different experience.

How we choose to see our experiences and the people who share them with us is at our discretion. While it’s true that we don’t have the power to control much, we do have authority over how we view the details of our lives. Of course, this assures us that we’ll be as content and peaceful as we want to be. Or just the opposite. At a moment’s notice, we can be transformed. That’s a thrilling opportunity. Our transformation can positively affect all those who share our journey.”


I will be blessed with all the right experiences today. 

I can maximize them for my good.

**From the book Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course by Karen Casey. Many find it helpful to study A Course in Miracles with others, where there is the possibility of discussing areas of difficulty or confusion. The Interfaith Center offers a Monday evening group and a Thursday noon group, and you can join anytime. For more information, click here.