September 2021 Ministerial Miscellany Rev. Annie Kopko

Ministerial Miscellany September 2021
Good Luck, or not?

Do some people, even friends of ours, seem to have all the luck and others seem to be a magnet for misfortune? Yes, probably. Are we ever going to stop comparing ourselves to others? No, probably not. How many times have you said to yourself, “there but for the grace of God go I”. These eternal questions are not about luck at all, or whether or not we believe in the favoritism of God, but I think they are about the kind of meaning that we have ascribed to the greater landscape of our lives.

I think about the struggles of my young life, and I think this is where we begin a life-long attitude, as a “ground of creation” for our future selves. More than anything else, I remember reading a hundred books in seventh grade, maybe it was seventh and eighth grades combined, but it was a lot of books! Altogether, these had a great influence on my life, and what I began to think it meant to be alive. I learned that some things that happened made me feel good, and some things made me feel horrible, and that I could be moving forward no matter what I had to go through to get there. Still doing that, 65 years later. In only a vague kind of way do I remember my Spirit self with me all that time, but it certainly was.

We make our own luck by being in the right state of mind to perceive and take advantage of opportunities that are all around us all the time. The opportunity to laugh, be loving, not take things too seriously and notice what we are curious about. What is it we will want to explore today?

Speaking of exploring, Interfaith has so many events and groups that meet every week both on Zoom and some returning in person, wearing masks. All of our events are right there on the website, easy to find, easy to sign up (if necessary).

This month Cafe 704 is on the 11th of September starting at our new time of 7:00 p.m. and features the group: PATH with Chris Hedly (Songwriter & Guitarist), Tim Prosser (Mandolin), Scott McQuinney (Harmonica) and Don Allen (Percussion). Click on the Cafe 704 Coffeehouse link at the right of this page to sign up if you plan to come in person or to order your tickets if you prefer the Livestream on Zoom.

Blessings, Annie

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