August 2021 ~ Ministerial Miscellany ~ Rev. Annie Kopko

Ministerial Miscellany ~ August 2021

Listening to YouTube the other day I came upon a piece by Esther Hicks and Abraham about our self-talk, something I think we do all day long. Do we really understand how easy and destructive it can be to be negative. It is my habit when I wake up each morning and wonder how much my muscles will be aching. Soon I silently express the gratitude I feel for waking up and feeling quite good in this old body of mine. Ever since I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to live, 42 years ago, and joined the Santa Fe Church of Religious Science, I have understood how important positive affirmations are to our state of mind and general feeling of well being. I believe all is well, no matter what the world looks like. Spirit is alive and well and living through us. We are making daily choices about how this will be.
In the piece on YouTube, Abraham took this awareness up another notch for me which I share with you (converted into “Thank You’s”):
Thank you for many new expansive ideas you bring me today.
Thank you for bringing me to places I love.
Thank you for helping me visit with others who love as I do.
Thank you for making me aware of my power.
Thank you for guiding me to thoughts in harmony with my core desires.
And, Thank you for sending me evidence of how this all works in delicious humorous ways for the goodness of all beings.

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