July 2023-Rev. Annie Kopko

“As Good as it Gets”

The other morning I was standing in my kitchen making tea for myself as I do every morning and a really good feeling came over me. I said to myself, “This is as good as it gets”. This is hardly a feeling I would expect on an ordinary morning when the dirty dishes are sitting in the sink, the floor beneath my bare feet is scattered with bits of dirt from the garden outside and the cats are demanding to be fed.  

It is helpful to me to think that if the small stuff, like making tea in the morning is for you not as good as it gets, then the big things, like a vacation in Northern Michigan, a visit to the Tulip Festival, or a great deal on a new car are not going to be as good as it gets either. Several things are happening when a feeling like this occurs. I like to think that if we are able to just be in the present moment, then all events and all experiences can be as good as it gets. Of course, in our time and space, they may not appear to be.

On those rare occasions, when we are in the present moment, all else has to fall away. All judgment has to fall away and all of our fears fall away. I think that all of our dreams and desires also fall away.  It is rare for us to allow that to happen, but this is where true freedom lies. We crave freedom, but usually not enough to let go of all that we hold dear, even for a few moments.

There are events coming up at Interfaith where you will have the opportunity to find that this is as good as it gets. Our Sunday services oftentimes guide us to make that shift in consciousness with a variety of musicians and speakers.  Check our website interfaithspirit.org for more information on all of our classes and events.

Saturday, July 8th at 7PM is Cafe 704, featuring PATH (Scott McWhinney, Chris Hedly and Tim Prosser) and Folk Song Jam Along (Lori Fithian, Jean Chorazyczewski and Eric & Mary Fithian. Bring your voices, drums and folky instruments to join in the fun! The musicians are offering their talents as a special fund-raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth. Tickets are $10.00, join us in person at Interfaith or on Zoom.

Many Blessings,  Annie

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