August 2022: Ministerial Miscellany ~ Rev. Annie Kopko

Please just listen.

We are all full of wisdom. How do we get access to our brilliant deeper mind? How do we learn everything from this wisdom to bring ourselves to a place of peace and satisfaction? How can we use our wisdom to create our best health?

Actually, it is very simple, not easy, but simple. Sit and listen. We might be amazed. We may not choose to take many opportunities to do this in our busy days, so we end up snatching a few moments here and there. But, really, don’t you think it is a good idea to listen when God talks to us? When we intend to listen with awareness, all kinds of ideas will open up from that Higher Self within who loves us so deeply and who really never stops talking to us. So, whenever we listen, there is the voice, full of love and blessings. It comes to us and through us in many forms: our work, our play, & our communication with others.

Can we listen to our inner being and speak at the same time? Yes, of course. Actually, we do this all the time without being aware of it.
My intention, for this month, will be to listen for “that still small voice from within” and watch how life can open up in interesting ways.

Speaking of interesting ways of being, join us for the next Cafe 704 on August 13th, 2022, 7-9PM with singer and songwriter Matt Watroba. If attending in person please sign up at and pay at the door; if attending via the Zoom livestream purchase your ticket at Tickets are $10. More details are on the website.

Many Blessings, Annie

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