October 2022 ~ Ministerial Miscellany: Rev. Annie Kopko

Ministerial Miscellany October 2022
A little birdie told me…. Or maybe it was one of my favorite trees: We have not been sent here to teach. We have been sent here to BE, and we have been sent here to LOVE. Somehow we do not always teach by what we say, but by the way we choose to BE. (All the really important things anyway). We learn by example more than by what anyone may say, especially as children. We learn best by showing up and connecting with each other. The smiles of joy and heartfelt laughter that we exchange are best given and received by showing up for each other. As fears of Covid began to subside, and I returned to Interfaith, I experienced awkwardness connecting with people, and it felt totally worth it.
I know some of us do not show up on Sunday at Interfaith, try it, you might just find the unique loving connection it can be. Check our website: https://interfaithspirit.org for all the details. Please wear a mask.

Join us for Cafe 704 on Saturday, Oct. 8th at 7PM featuring Katie Geddes, singing traditional and contemporary folk songs with Eric Fithian on guitar, Deb Wood and Mary Fithian on harmony vocals. Live and on Zoom. Check our website for details on how to register to attend in person, or purchase a ticket for zoom at: https://interfaithspirit.org/cafe-704-coffeehouse/.

Another new offering is an 8 week class entitled “Awakening the Heart” with Brett Koon, offered in person at the Center and on zoom. The class begins Thursday, October 6, 2022 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Check our website for details.

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