Embodying Higher Consciousness in Turbulent Times

post-election-spirituality resourcesHow do people on a conscious spiritual path embrace our spiritual power in a time of great fear and divisiveness?

What is the middle way, between falling victim to fear on the one hand, and spiritual bypassing on the other?

Here are two perspectives from wise American teachers:

  1.  Marianne Williamson, author of Return to Love and Healing the Soul of America  (1998), speaks on wise engagement as citizens in a democracy, from the point of view of A Course in Miracles, here. This talk includes a challenge for New Thought people to take a hard look at the temptation to avoid difficult topics by judging them as “negative.” She says now is an opportunity for “girls to become women and boys to become men” in our spiritual lives. (video)
  2.  Tara Brach, spiritual director at the Insight Meditation Center in Washington, DC, suggests how we can “Play a Greater Part,” in a post-retreat talk here. (audio)

Finally, here are two inspiring stories about engaging our brothers and sisters with love, even if we disagree, yes, even if we think their beliefs are harmful! As you will see, bringing Spirit into these difficult relationships and interactions paves the way for healing, understanding, and brotherly/sisterly love.

  1. The White Flight of Derek Black is a Washington Post article published last month that describes how David Duke’s godson, the heir apparent of the white supremacist movement in the United States, underwent a deep personal transformation as a result of a friendship with the unlikeliest of suspects– a conservative Jewish classmate. (article)
  2. In The Rabbi and the KKK a rabbi describes his response when he received death threats from a white supremacist following his move to Nebraska. This story will open your heart. Get a kleenex and prepare to believe that everything is possible. (audio)

May we all find connection to our highest, truest source this Thanksgiving. May we find ways to ground that higher connection in our relationships, our speech, and in each experience of the fear and discord our nation is experiencing.




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