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Interfaith Center’s Youth Education is currently on hold.

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Teens from the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth at Ann Arbor's 2014 Crop Walk.One of our most important activities is the transmission of values, virtues and spiritual principles to our young people. We seek to impress on children that they were born as wonderful expressions of the Divine and that they are entitled to dream big and be what they choose to be.

Interfaith youth raise money to combat hunger 
at the 2014 Crop Walk.

Image of The Family Virtues Guide, used in the youth education program at the Interfaith Center, a church alternative in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that celebrates the underlying truths that connect all the worlds spiritual tradtions.Our lessons and activities embrace Universal values that transcend religious denominations.  Some common themes are kindness, tolerance, the Golden Rule, service, forgiveness, and non-violence.

We recently began using The Family Virtues Guide: Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Our Children and Ourselves.  Our youth also celebrate various faith holidays and learn their meaning.  They provide children at Ann Arbor’s Alpha House with backpacks and school supplies, participate in the annual Crop Walk, raise funds for the Heifer Foundation, and cook for the Center’s monthly potluck.

Children with disabilities are welcome. Youth Ed teacher Heide Kaminski is pursuing a master’s degree in K-12 special education and is eager to support special needs families.

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