Youth Education Team

Youth Education teacher Heide Kaminski of the Interfaith Center in Ann Arbor.
Heide Kaminski

Heide Kaminski, a mother of three (Sarah-28, Angela-25, and Tommy-16) is a resident of Tecumseh. She was raised atheist but her mother allowed her to freely explore her own spirituality, which became a foundation in her life. Her path to becoming an Interfaith Youth Education teacher began with Lutheranism in her teens, but Heide also explored Methodism, Metaphysics, Wicca, Buddhism, and Unity teachings. Out of this seeking she formed her own eclectic belief system.

Heide has been a Youth Education teacher for 22 years and taught preschool for 28 years.  She is a certified secondary English teacher whose experience includes two years at Boysville, a Catholic boarding school for troubled boys.

Heide’s love for children extends to all age ranges, ability levels, and behavioral expressions. Her principal at Boysville described one secret to Heide’s success: “Her love for life is contagious!”

Kellie Love, Youth Education teacher at the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth in Ann Arbor, MI.
Kellie Love

Kellie Love was raised in the Catholic tradition but began to explore and teach other religious expressions as a teen. Her curiosity and interest has led her to explore many traditions. Starting with her Celtic and Native American roots, she was also drawn to Buddhism, Judaism and other world religions. Captivated by the common threads she found across traditions and inspired to share these with children, Kellie became a Youth Education teacher at Interfaith in 2002.

Interfaith Center Ann Arbor - Youth Education teacher Kellie Love
Kellie is always willing to spread the love!

Kellie holds a degree in Elementary Education and plans her Sunday School lessons to accommodate different learning styles. She loves finding creative ways for children to learn the values shared by the world’s spiritual traditions. One of her philosophies is “God is too big to fit into one religion.” In addition to her long service at Interfaith, which includes a stint as Board President in 2013-2014, Kellie owns and operates a green cleaning company in her hometown of Fenton.

Tommy Kaminski has been in charge of our nursery since 2016.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.  The kids absolutely adore him, as do the parents!