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In the Flow of Life
Reverend David Bell
December 8, 2019

Light, Life, Love and God are synonyms. In order to most fully participate in the adventure called life, it is first necessary to have an understanding of The One. That One is called by a thousand names. Humans have attempted to grasp the essence of The One. For millennia, most have understood God as an anthropomorphized “King of the Universe.” Yet the mystics have shown us a more useful understanding. George Lucas in his “Star Wars” series has come very close by describing a universal “force.” The greeting “May the Force be with you” suggests an understanding that there is no “King” out there. Rather there is an infinite flow of energy which can be used by those who are open.

In describing such an omnipresent force, we come close to an ideal relationship with The One. Most of the world sees prayer as a beseeching of The One to do what they perceive that they need. A more skillful approach is to be open to the flow of the ”Force” as it moves continuously. The more we open to the inexorable flow, the more of the good can we experience. See how much you can open yourself to the unlimited flow of the “force.”

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