Speaking Circle

Most of us bring a performance–oriented mindset to public speaking that creates fear.  Speaking Circle allows us to shift from a performance mindset to Relational Presence.  Change, growth, and personal evolution are inevitable results.

“If I am present with myself, I have less need to control the group and the outcome… I am more spontaneous if I really check in with myself, breathe, and settle into where I am.  Then from my self, I make contact with my Self, the higher part of me that will be with the participants.”

~Lee Glickstein

Associate Minister Annie Kopko has been leading Speaking Circles for 18 years.  If you want to experience communication with ease in deep connection with others, consider this group.  This group runs in cycles — you must start at the beginning of a cycle to participate.

Thursdays 7:15 – 8:45 pm with Facilitator Annie Kopko  (734) 358-1328 (currently on summer hiatus; will resume in September)
Cost: $5-$10 donation