Nonviolence Skills Training Workshop

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November 17, 9 am to 5 pm, $45

Nonviolence Skills Training45.00 USD8-hour workshop
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  • Learn about and practice skills for nonviolent peacemaking and violence de-escalation;
  • Experience the transforming power of nonviolence for oneself and society;
  • Learn of local and international violence reduction peacemaking efforts and opportunities for volunteering on projects;
  • Experience working as a team.

Meta Peace Team’s “Step One/Basic Nonviolence Skills & Violence De-escalation” consists of an 8-hour training day, and includes a simple breakfast and vegetarian lunch.

We try to have a minimum of 10/maximum of 30 participants per training, as we’ve found that this size group best facilitates both role-playing and 1-on-1 conversations. The standard fee for the workshop is $45 (sliding scale) and includes meals, resources, and manuals. No one will be excluded from a workshop because of an inability to pay, as our mission is to train all that have interest. Please contact us if the fees should present a problem.

All participants should plan to make the entire scheduled training session so that we successfully build continuity and community. (In other words, please arrive on time and plan on staying for the full training).

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