Covid-19-Related Info

How We are Maintaining Connections and Blessings

The Interfaith Center’s building is closed until further notice.  Please see our Welcome Page for information about online services and classes.

Our ministers and Board of Directors have issued the following statements:

March 12, 2020:

Hello friends. 

The board and ministers Of Interfaith have been assessing the public health risks and recommendations. 

• Symptoms can appear 10-27 days after exposure. 

the most recent recommendations for social distancing among immune vulnerable groups, such as our Sunday group where the average age is about 60:

• Avoid groups of 10 or more people. 
This is the quick and the dry::


• Cafe 704, 3/14 with Harmony Bones
• Next two Sunday Services:  3/15*, 3/22*
• Weekly classes; these are usually small gatherings of ten or less people.
•  our updates to you about further developments. 
• Please reach out to one another Through this yahoo list; there have been excellent exchanges and I hope they continue. 
• our YouTube channel is stocked with inspiring readings and meditations and Sunday talks and music 
** Information forthcoming ** 
• Details for All of us to connect virtually on these  Sundays (the Board and Ministers are focused on protecting our spiritual connections) 
March 5, 2020:

Dear All,

This message is to inform you of the actions decided upon by the Board of Trustees, Annie Kopko and Delyth Balmer as a first step response to raising awareness about Coronavirus (Covid-19) and measures we are implementing to reduce risk to our Community when gathered at the Interfaith Center.

First, awareness.

Many have already been posting information about the Coronavirus as published by the CDC (, WHO (, our local County ( and other sources. We encourage you to stay informed, stay calm and to follow best practices for prevention at a personal level. 

Second, prevention measures at Interfaith

The virus is affecting the lungs and is spread through airborne transmission. That means through sneezes and coughing. 

To minimize transmission, we all must do our best to 

    • wash our hands thoroughly, frequently
    • use hand sanitizer
    • cover sneezes and coughs, best with a tissue disposed of in a covered waste basket
    • avoid close physical contact (ie. Hugs, hand holding, shaking hands)
    • stay home if sick

At the Center we have made available hand sanitizer at the front entry table, Lysol disinfecting wipes in the large classroom, kitchen and at the coffee station. 

We are asking each class facilitator to wipe down the tables before and after each session. It is also suggested that cups are rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, and kitchen counters wiped down after your session.

We would like our greeters to greet with the namaste gesture rather than hugging or shaking hands on Sunday mornings. The greeters will hold onto the collection bags on Sunday mornings instead of having the bag passed from person to person. During our ‘namaste’ time during the service, we also encourage simply using the namaste gesture, making eye contact, and smiling at one another. 

While we have already purchased a number of products, hand sanitizer has been out of stock in several stores and we have not purchased gloves. If you have access to either of these items we would appreciate it if you brought them to the Center, either as a donation, or for reimbursement.  

We would like to stress the need to stay calm and to be mindful of the simple ways we can each help to minimize risk to one another. Boosting our immunity through getting enough rest, eating well, meditating, and a number of other things is appropriate at any time. May we all encourage each other to stay healthy and peaceful.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Delyth Balmer, Rev. Annie Kopko, your Board of Trustees