Employment Opportunity: Interfaith Minister

Candles representing our aspirations for our new senior minister. Employment opportunity: Interfaith Minister.The Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth is seeking a part-time Senior Minister to lead us in the next chapter of our growth. The start date is June 1, 2017, following the retirement of our founding minister. The ideal candidate for this position is an inspiring speaker with education and background in New Thought and Interfaith Ministry. We look forward to welcoming our new minister to guide, support, and grow with us.

Updated Application due date:  Tuesday, January 17, 2017.
Application by email is preferred but U.S. postal service is acceptable.

Start date: June 1, 2017.

Thank you for visiting this page. If you feel guided to our community, we look very much forward to welcoming your application!

With appreciation from the Ministerial Search Committee,
Pat Root, Lindsay Passmore, Michael Bratcher, Tommie Parker, Lisa Salisbury, and Maureen Farley MacMahon