Community Updates on our Ministerial Search

February 26, 2017


Dear ICSG Community Members,

We are very pleased to introduce you to our finalists in the Ministerial Search process. Please click here to meet them!

January 15, 2017

Looking Ahead to Candidate Weekends

christmas eve candles_ann arborAt our December Quarterly Conversation in Community (QCC) the Search Committee reported that we would soon be interviewing several promising candidates for the Senior Minister position. Those interviews have been taking place this month. Now we’d like to tell you what happens next.

Finalists will each meet our entire Interfaith Center community in March. You may be wondering, why March? Why not sooner? The reason is that Dave and Judy Bell will soon leave for Florida, but Dave will be back for the month of March. Out of respect for Dave as our founder, we feel strongly about holding the Candidate Weekends when Dave can be among us.

We will announce the exact dates for the Candidate Weekends soon. In the meantime, there are a couple of things to know:

  1. Each candidate will give a Saturday workshop on a topic of their choosing. You are invited to participate!
  2. Each candidate will give a Sunday talk the day after their workshop.
  3. The Ministerial Selection Framework that we co-created with the Board and members at last summer’s QCC states that you must be a member to participate in the voting process for the new minister. So if you have never signed a membership card, ask Delyth or Annie for one now!
  4. If you wish to review the Selection Framework, you can find it here.

With love,
Your Search Committee
Michael Bratcher, Maureen McMahon, Tommie Parker, Lindsay Passmore,  Pat Root, and Lisa Salisbury 

Deadline Extended to Apply for Senior Minister Position

new-growthThanks to all who attended our September 25th Quarterly Conversation in Community, offering lots of support to the Ministerial Search.

To accommodate the late distribution of our Job Announcement by the largest interfaith seminary in the country, we have extended the application deadline.

In the meantime we are grateful for the assistance of Anna Marie Heinrich and Jack Koepfgen, who have been sharing their decades of experience in corporate hiring and interviewing with the search committee. We have conducted a mock interview and drafted a ‘rubric’ for evaluating interviewees.

We did receive several applications by the original deadline of October 1 (today!). We’ll be in touch with those candidates to let them know of the extension. This will give a couple of them time to still submit an important part of the application — a digital file or video of a talk given to a spiritual community.

Here is a copy of the revised Job Announcement:

“What Can I Do?”

  • We have truly felt your prayerful support for this big undertaking. All of us together are attracting our next minister. With our positive thoughts and feelings and faith in a wonderful transition to a new minister, our entire community is  co-creating our bright future. Thank you for being conscious about the way in which you participate.
  • Alas, Dance Party Volunteers?  No one has stepped forth to organize an event that would include ceremony to energize our Job Announcement. Some of us on the committee continue ever hopeful that this will materialize 🙂 If you can see yourself making this happen, please email Lindsay Passmore We are knee deep in committee work, so this does indeed require someone else to organize!

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August 23, 2016 

Ministerial Selection Framework & Job Announcement

Image of butterfly in poolGreetings Interfaithers,

Thanks to all who attended our Summer Quarterly Conversation in Community (QCC), during which the community offered feedback on our draft Job Description and Ministerial Selection Framework for the senior minister position.

The Board and Search Committee worked very hard during July to revise those draft documents with your feedback in mind. We feel that they were much improved as a result of the QCC discussion! The Search Committee posted the job on August 1 and is now receiving applications.

How Did We Advertise the Senior Minister Position?

  • We reached out to Interfaith Seminaries across the country – they are sharing our Announcement with their graduates.
  • We individually emailed Interfaith Ministers who are listed in an online clearinghouse for individuals doing Interfaith ministry.
  • Dave Bell contacted people in his network.
  • We advertised on free online Job Boards that are general in nature.
  • We contacted the Unity Institute and two organizations that ordain ministers for Science of Mind churches (now called Centers for Spiritual Living).  We learned that these organizations only disseminate Job Postings for their own networks of churches. So instead we reached out to several individual contacts we have from Unity or CSL churches.

Where Are the Official Ministerial Search Documents?

The Job Announcement, our Community Profile, and the Ministerial Selection Framework (all approved by the board in July) can be found here:

What’s Next?

  • Prayers & Meditation to Support our Job SearchPlease support this significant task with your own prayers and/or meditation practice. All of us together, will attract our next minister. Thank you for being conscious about the way in which you participate.
  • The application deadline is October 1, 2016 and initial interviews will follow.  Stay tuned for more details!
  • A Dance Party Too?  Are you interested in helping organize a September event that would include ceremony to energize our Job Announcement, followed by a dance party? If so, email Lindsay Passmore We are knee deep in committee work, so this would require volunteers!

(For older Updates on the Ministerial Search, continue reading below.)


June 24, 2016

Please Read Before This Sunday’s QCC:

Image of butterfly in poolGreetings All,

The Ministerial Search Committee endeavored mightily to get this to you before today!!! We’ve done our best and apologize for not giving you much turn-around time before the June 26 QCC — this Sunday at 12:45. Pizza & salad available by donation.

Although the community creates the agenda, we’re quite sure you will want to discuss the attached document. It is labelled “Detailed Ministerial Selection Framework,” and includes the Job Description (with salary & benefits) as Appendix A and a “Little Background…” regarding the creation of the framework as Appendix B.

Both the search committee and the board (which has already reviewed and provided input) want very much to benefit from your reaction to this information, so please try to read it before Sunday. It is 8 pages long.

If you are new to Interfaith and have not attended a Quarterly Conversation in Community, please join us. It is a unique opportunity to learn about our tradition of collaborative decision-making. 

Click here to open the 8-page document.

Detailed Ministerial Selection Framework

Warm regards,

Pat Root Board Chair & Ministerial Search Committee Co-Chair