Cafe 704 Presents

Shekinah & Friends

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shekinah E, headliner of "Shekinah & Friends" Cafe 704 (2015-05-09 concert: "from Darkness into Light")
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8:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Doors at 7:30 p.m.
Admission: By donation (suggested as $8)

Local vocalist, Shekinah E, has assembled a musical journey into the mysteries, humor, and resilience of the human psyche: “From Darkness Into Light.”  Selections for the evening include band originals and covers—ranging across adult alternative, jazz, show-tunes, pop- & folk-rock, with a taste of her solo, early-inspirational influence.

She is joined by her band-members from: Griff ’n Shek (Griff Griffin); Isosceles (Tim Berla, Jim Cooney); Old Friends (Gary Williamson, Griffin); and West Park Music Society (Charles Dayringer, Kip Godwin, Berla, Cooney).  

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Cafe 704 is the coffee house concert series of the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.  We present talented local musicians in a comfortable, intimate venue.  Come experience one of Ann Arbor’s hidden treasures!

  • Free, convenient parking
  • Smoke-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Refreshments

Click here for directions to 704 Airport Blvd.  The Center is located off State Street just south of I-94 and the Briarwood Mall near Costco.  Inquiries regarding booking can be addressed to

Shekinah Errington (vocals; accordian; mandolin; percussion, including whiz-bang; keys). Composer. Other Bands (currently on hiatus): Griffi’s Hippie Ypsi Gypsys; Hosain Mosavat Ensemble. Former Bands: Kitchen Sync; Synchronicity; BEAM.

Tim Berla (upright bass; mandolin; vocals). Composer. Other Current Bands: Dorkestra; Team Love; Hip Replacements (Red Swill); Ukulele Slim & The Career Criminals.

Jim Cooney (guitar; alto & tenor sax; flute; clarinet; vocals; oboe). Composer. Other Current Bands: Blues Owls; Brass Maxwell; Salmagundi. Jim is a piano tuner and music teacher.

Charles Dayringer (clarinet; percussion, including rub-board; vocals). Bands: Team Love; Dorkestra; Hip Replacements (Red Swill); Ukulele Slim & The Career Criminals.

Karl Diez (soundman). Bands: Salmagundi (bandleader; trumpet; vocals).

Kip Godwin (guitar; mandolin; ukulele; percussion). Lyricist. Bands: Blamo!; Hip Replacements (Red Swill); Team Love; The Bowdish Brothers; Ukulele Slim & The Career Criminals.

Griff Griffin (guitar; vocals; keys; percussion). Composer. Men Working (contact improv dance troupe). Bands: Pavlov’s Poodle; The First Friday Irregulars; Griffi’s Hippie Ypsi Gypsys; G&G Band; Rock-&-Roll Brothers. .

Gary Williamson (vocals; harmonica; percussion).  Bands: Red Swill; Lily White; Firehouse; G&G Band; Rock-&-Roll Brothers. 

Download the May Cafe 704 Flyer and share!